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Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a beautiful smile can speak volumes.

Which is why, time and time again, Dr. Gina Gonzalez has been trusted for her dental artistry by fellow dentists, doctors, celebrities, and public speakers alike, to enhance their smiles. She is widely regarded for her keen aesthetic eye and commitment to providing the world with more beautiful smiles. To Dr. Gina, the art of creating a beautiful, younger, and more alluring smile, can truly have a positive impact on your overall health, appearance, and self-confidence.

Heart Centered Dentistry is founded on Dr. Gina’s belief that achieving a healthy and attractive smile requires the ability to see the full person.  It consists of having clean, bright, straight teeth and healthy gums, as well as a well-balanced profile.  Our cosmetic dentistry services range from bleaching and minor tooth movement, to veneers and reshaping, just to name a few. To ensure an optimal experience, we also provide a variety of comfort options, including entertainment and sleep dentistry.

Below are the cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by Dr. Gina Gonzalez, and her team at Heart Centered Dentistry.

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Cosmetic Consultation

We offer cosmetic consultations to provide the best care possible to meet our patient’s needs. A cosmetic consultation is scheduled for patients who are looking for cosmetic change and reshaping of teeth. During this consultation, procedures will be discussed as well as pricing. We have the ability to take photographs and display them on a computer screen for our patient’s benefit. Here we will discuss and demonstrate how we can improve our patient’s smile.

Cosmetic Reshaping

Cosmetic reshaping is provided to patients who are looking for a correction in minor tooth defects, imperfections, slight overlapping, and irregular shaped teeth. During this procedure, a small amount of enamel is removed in order to change the shape and length of the tooth, and a tooth colored composite material is placed to sculpt the tooth. We will match your tooth shade to the appropriate composite shade, leaving you with a natural looking smile.

Smile Makeover

We offer full mouth reconstruction for your smile makeover. After a full exam is given to determine the condition of our patient’s teeth and gums, we will discuss the restorative procedures. Procedures that are considered for a smile makeover are:
-Porcelain Veneers
-Cosmetic Contour
-Full Crown Coverage
-Inlays or Onlays
-Dental Implants


Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. Many people achieve the look they have been dreaming of with our simple dental “bleaching” procedures. Bleaching can be used to correct tooth caused by staining, aging, wine, coffee, smoking, or chemical damage to teeth.

In some cases of extreme tooth discoloration, crowns or veneers may be more effective. Dr. Gina will help you figure out which option would be the most effective for your teeth. If bleaching is right for you, we have two options:

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For the quickest results, we recommend in-office bleaching. During this procedure, a barrier is placed over your gum line. Then a professional-strength bleaching solution is applied to the teeth and let sit for a designated amount of time. The results are noticeably whiter, brighter teeth in just twenty minutes. If you do not reach your desired shade, another bleaching cycle can be done. After the procedure is complete, we will give you a set of bleaching trays to take home to help maintain your newly whitened smile. An alternative to in-office bleaching is at-home whitening.

At-home Teeth Whitening

An impression is taken to make a specialized molded plastic guard that will fit only your teeth. You wear these “trays” daily or nightly for the instructed time given. We provide you with a bleaching agent that is placed inside the trays. They may be worn for 7-10 days or until the color desired is achieved. When your teeth reach the desired brightness, only occasional treatment is needed to maintain your new smile.

Over-the-counter bleaching agents are available at drug stores and pharmacies. However, since these products can harm the gums and teeth, it is better to use products that our practice recommends.

Contact us at Heart Centered Dentistry today and see which procedure best fits your needs for a healthier and more beautiful smile!


Have you ever wanted to enhance your smile, but the thought of having a mouth full of metal wires and rubber bands wasn’t very appealing? Well you’re in luck, HCD is proud to offer you a new revolutionary approach that replaces all of that, with a more discrete system of plastic trays, called Invisalign.

Invisalign is a series of custom-made aligner trays fabricated from an almost invisible plastic that gradually realigns your teeth. Each tray is made to comfortably and smoothly slide over your teeth. The process consists of wearing each aligner for about two weeks at a time, until the treatment is completed.

There you have it- no wires, no rubber bands, and more importantly no fuss! If Invisalign is ‘clearly’ the right option for you, contact Dr. Gina Gonzalez at Heart Centered Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.


Lumineers are different from other veneers in both quality and weight. On average Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens, approximately 0.2 mm. This makes Lumineers easier to install in comparison to traditional veneers that require alterations to your original tooth, with Lumineers the process is painless and reversible if you’re not happy with the results.

The procedure requires two short visits and is totally pain free. In your initial consultation, impressions of your lower and upper teeth will be molded. Photos of your teeth will also be taken and sent with the moldings to an authorized Lumineers laboratory, to guarantee the best fit for your teeth. Once your records have been documented, you are free to go, no drilling or acrylic temporaries.

After a couple of weeks go by you are ready for your next visit. On this visit the Dentist will place your Lumineers after you have tried them on and made sure that the fit is correct. The teeth are then prepared for placement, which requires minor etching, and then are bonded one by one. Once all Lumineers are placed, your dentist will check your bite and you are ready go.

So if you are looking to improve you smile without the pain, Contact us at Heart Centered Dentistry and get started today.


At HCD we understand the importance of having a smile that can light up a room. But you shouldn’t have to wait years to achieve it. Porcelain veneers offer a shorter time commitment than other more conventional options, like braces. In a matter of just weeks, veneers can improve the alignment and color of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers (or dental veneers) are thin, custom-made porcelain casings fabricated to fit perfectly over your teeth, to protect the surface from damage. Porcelain dental veneers can also be used for patients who wish to fill in gaps between the teeth. Dental veneers are generally made from composite or dental porcelain to ensure a better aesthetic look, and a more natural color.

Dental problems that veneers are commonly used for:

Discolored or stained teeth
Teeth with worn down surfaces
Teeth that are chipped or cracked
Misshaped teeth

To find out if porcelain veneers are right for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Bonding is a process that utilizes a small amount of composite resin to improve the appearance of damaged teeth. The resin can be applied to the surfaces of decayed, chipped, broken, or stained teeth, in order to restore the integrity of their surfaces. Not to mention that it is also a more affordable option than other cosmetic dental techniques.

The bonding procedure is also fairly simple, and patients generally do not require anesthesia. For aesthetic purposes, the color of the bonding agent is selected based on a color scale that matches the shade of the tooth. Next, several abrasions are made on the surface of the tooth where the resin will be placed, allowing for better bonding. Once the resin is in place, it is then molded and shaped to the dentists’ specifications. Finally, the resin is cured into place with the use of ultra violet light or laser.

So for those of you looking to brighten your smiles, without burning a hole through their wallet, bonding could be what you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to get started.

Snap-on Smile

Snap on Smile is an easy and affordable way to improve your smile. Although the price is significantly cheaper than other options, the quality in the material is not affected. Snap on Smile is made up high-tech dental resin, which allows the material to be both thin and strong. It is also convenient in a way that no work on your original teeth is needed; the Snap on Smile fits right over your teeth.

Getting your Snap on Smile requires two visits to the dentist. On your first visit the dentist will mold your teeth to guaranteed an accurate fit. In about three weeks when your Snap on Smile is ready you return to the dentist and try them on for the final fitting. Once the fitting is complete you can go home a happy camper with your new smile.

For a more perfect smile, contact us at Heart Centered Dentistry and get started today, its a snap!

Minor Tooth Movement

Minor Tooth Movement is an alternative to braces and Invisalign. This is recommended for patients who have minor spacing and crowding. Once we evaluate the appropriate diagnosis, an upper and lower impression will be made in our office and sent to the lab for production. Clear aligners, similar to Invisalign, will be delivered at a second appointment. We recommend that these aligners be worn 22 hours in a day- taken out only to eat and drink.

Implant Restoration

Dental implants are considered to be a better treatment for missing teeth. When a natural tooth is removed, both the root and the visible part of the tooth (the crown) are removed from your jaw. A dental implant- “a cylindrical and/or tapered post, usually made of titanium, that serves as a substitute for the tooth root,” is surgically placed in the jaw. Once the bone binds to the implant and becomes a foundation, a crown is seated- “a replacement tooth custom-made to match your natural teeth.”
Here are a few reasons why dental implants are a better fit for you:
– Functions like a natural tooth
– Implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for
– Has a solid fit
– Preserves natural bone
– Eat the foods you love

Bridge (for missing teeth)

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

A typical bridge consists of two crowns (see description of “Inlays, Onlays & Crowns” below). A crown is placed on each side of the gap created by the missing tooth/teeth. To fill in the gap, a false tooth/teeth are placed in between and attached to the crowns. The two crowned ‘anchoring teeth’ are called abutment teeth. These supporting teeth can be natural teeth or dental implants. The false tooth/teeth in between the anchoring teeth are called pontics.

Bridges can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Restore your smile
Restore your ability to properly chew and speak
Maintain the shape of your face
Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth
Prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of position

If you need to fill in a gap, a bridge may be a perfect option for you.

Contact us at Heart Centered Dentistry to improve the quality of your smile.

Occlusal Adjustment

If you feel that your bite may be disproportional when you chew, you may need an occlusal adjustment. It is important to receive an occlusal adjustment to release pressure on the opposing side of your jaw, and/or tooth sensitivity due to immediate impact when chewing or biting. An adjustment will be made by a dental drill to remove a small amount of enamel to reshape the occluding surface of the tooth. There is little to no discomfort during this procedure. Our patients leave with minimal tooth wear and a well aligned bite.


There is nothing like having a brighter more confident smile that people will gravitate towards. So it should come as no surprise that many people chose braces for aesthetic reasons. However, a nice straight set of pearly whites isn’t the only reason to get braces; your overall health can benefit, as well.

Straighter teeth can allow for more thorough cleanings, keeping that smile plaque-free. Thus, avoiding complications from tooth decay, and even gum disease. However, braces can also be utilized to correct problems associated with improper jaw alignment, such as headaches, neck pain, and problems chewing food.

How do braces work?

Dental braces are designed to gradually apply pressure to teeth, with the use of metal wire called archwire. The archwire is attached to tiny brackets that are glued to each tooth. Additional pressure is then added with rubber bands called ligatures.

At Heart Centered Dentistry, we are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Schedule your appointment today to learn more about our large selection of dental braces. You won’t be disappointed; we cross our Hearts!

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